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Estate Planning Practice

Individuals throughout the Washington D.C and northern Virginia area rely on the Law Office of Henry A. Thompson, II to help preserve, protect, and disburse their assets. Designing and implementing a plan to carry out these functions is most effective when completed before a crisis occurs. However, sometimes a crisis occurs without warning and much earlier than one may have expected. Failure to plan for life’s transitions may result in a delayed response which often causes increased costs, loss of control, and unwanted outcomes over the important personal and financial choices after the loss of a loved one.

This is why estate planning is a crucial component to every person’s life. Estate planning is predominantly done through a last will and testament, an important legal document which directs how your assets will be distributed after you pass. It is essential to create a last will and testament to ensure your final wishes are carried out, especially if you are married, have children, own a business, have a retirement, or own property. Without a last will and testament, your assets will be distributed the way the state wants it to be—you or your family will have no say.

But estate planning is much more complex than just a last will and testament. Many individuals elect to have different kinds of trusts to help effectuate their wishes. A trust is a legal arrangement where one person, the trustee, holds property for the benefit of another person, the beneficiary. The trustee is bound to distribute or manage the property in the trust pursuant to the wishes of the grantor, the person making the trust.

The Law Office of Henry A. Thompson, II helps individuals plan for their future. His law office offers the following services:

  • Estate planning – drafting wills, codicils, and trusts;
  • Estate administration – probating wills, appointment of an estate administrator, settling estate claims;
  • Estate Planning during your lifetime – powers of attorney, health care proxies, and living wills;

For more information or to contact the Law Office of Henry A. Thompson, II, please email us at henry@hat2law.com or fill out the contact form available here. Your future and your family’s future is important, please don’t delay!