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The Law Office of Henry A. Thompson, II: An Attorney Who Pursues Value-Added Solutions For Families and Small Businesses in The District of Columbia and Northern Virginia

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Henry A. Thompson, II is a civil litigation firm and Henry does not routinely handle criminal matters. The substantive areas listed below are, however,only illustrative and do not fully describe the scope of his practice. Contact Henry today to discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding your legal issues and whether he can help you to develop solutions.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

advice imgEvery case is different. But, as a general matter, trials can be expensive, time-consuming, and risky. So while Henry prepares each matter as though a judge or jury might one day have to resolve the underlying claims, he generally counsels clients to pursue a negotiated solution that will accomplish their primary objectives. Contact Henry to discuss what options might be available given your particular circumstances.

Business Formation & Advising

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Working for oneself can be a tremendously rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. The operation of a small business, however, presents many potential challenges and pitfalls.While entrepreneurs should strongly consider engaging an accountant for tax and financial issues, Henry can help you to answer some of the questions that arise at various stages of the business life cycle.Should you form a business entity? If so, which one? Does that new contract adequately protect your interests? How can I organize my affairs to best manage and minimize the risks associated with my business?What can I do to protect my intellectual property and trade secrets? Contact Henry today to start these important conversations.

Landlord & Tenant

advice imgAs a single-property landlord himself, Henry appreciates the importance of understanding the rights and responsibilities of the parties to lease agreements.Poorly-drafted leases, inadequate notices regarding lease violations, and illegal self-help evictions, among other things, can cost you time and money.Contact Henry today to develop a strategy to manage these risks and to, hopefully, maximize your return on investment.

Family Law

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Familial relationships involve complicated and often-emotional issues that can affect the parties involved for years, if not decades. How can you best protect your family’s assets from the uncertainties of life? What options are available for dissolving a troubled marriage with the least amount of conflict? What is in the best interests of the children involved? Contact Henry today for counsel on these matters.

Local Counsel/Litigation Support

advice imgIn his federal court practice, Henry has served as counsel to several Fortune 500 companies in Federal District Courts up and down the east coast. He now maintains a presence in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and actively tracks developments in these venues. From handling electronic discovery, to researching, writing, and arguing dispositive motions, to presenting witnesses in bench trials, Henry knows how to move cases through the system. Whether you are a party with a matter in federal court or an attorney seeking to add bandwith to her practice, contact Henry at henry@hat2law.com to discuss the particulars of your situation.